Skillset as part of the Classes system for combat skills.

Active SkillsEdit

Lv. Skill Name General Function
1 Antithesis Allies/yourself: Restores Health.
Enemies: Deals Magic Damage.
5 Mirror Light Allies/yourself: Cures one debuff and increases healing received +15% for 3 minutes.
Enemies: Inflicts Snare for 3 seconds. Increases received damage +12% and decreases healing effectiveness -30% for 20 seconds. Snare duration reduced -50% in PvP.
10 Resurgence Allies/yourself: Regenerates health over 10 seconds.
Enemies: N/A
15 Revive Allies/yourself: Revives an ally and restores XP lost at death. Restores 80% of maximum Health and Mana.
Enemies: N/A
20 Skewer Allies/yourself: N/A
Enemies: Summons skewers in a 5 meter target area. Deals Magic Damage and Impale enemies for 2.5 seconds, preventing all actions.
25 Mend Allies/yourself: Restores health to all allies within 20 meters. Gives 1-3 stacks of Inspired.
Enemies: N/A
30 Infuse Allies/yourself: Consume caster's mana to restore mana to ally.
Enemies: N/A
35 Aranzeb's Boon Allies/yourself: Increases Spirit and Intelligence of target ally or self.
Enemies: N/A.
40 Renewal Allies/yourself: Blesses caster or an ally. Has 15% chance of restoring HP when hit for 30 seconds.
Enemies: N/A.
45 Fervent Healing Allies/yourself: Restores health to caster or an ally. Can be used up to 5 times in rapid succession, increasing the heal by 25% and consuming more mana each cast.
Enemies: N/A.
50 Twilight Allies/yourself: Renders the caster and any allies invisible for 60 seconds. Cancelled by movement.
Enemies: N/A.

Passive SkillsEdit

Points Req. Skill Name General Function
2 Painful Recharge Converts 3% of received damage to mana.
4 Quick Recovery Resets cooldowns on all Vitalism healing skills after receiving critical damage or critical healing. If triggered too often, disables Quick Recovery for 20 seconds.
6 Spirit Growth Increases Spirit by 9%.
7 Alms Reduces Cast Time for all skills -6%.
8 Invigorated Healing Increases healing +50% when a healing skill goes critical.
9 Defiance Increases Magic Defense of all allies within 15 meters by +500.
10 Joyous Spirit Reduces Vitalism skill cooldown -20%

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