Thiol is the All-Mother, said to be the creator of Erenor, and the Garden. Thiol is thought to no longer be present. Whether she is resting, gone, or dead is unknown. The ancient Hiram tribe of Auroria called her the "hidden god" or "dead god," but others were convinced she resided in the Garden, at the Navel of the World.

The first races Thiol created were the Ipnya, Akasch, and Nuon -- higher races which are all extinct or sealed away in another realm. The Elves are thought to be descendants of the Ipnya.

It's unclear if Faeries were created by Thiol, or born of some other source, but when they came to play in the Garden, Thiol sealed them away. The Faeries along with the Faerie Queen were sealed in the ancient gate to the Garden until Orchidna arrived with the Library Expedition and took the Faerie Queen's position as Gatekeeper.

Thiol was the main subject of a play written by infamous playwright, Lucius Quinto. She was first portrayed by the tribal priestess, Naima. Most people during the "Splendid Era" of Auroria did not know of Thiol until the play gained notoriety. The Hiram people, however, worshiped her exclusively.

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