A smelter is a type of workbench that allows you to create metal ingots out of ore. They can also be used to craft resource packs. Each resource pack costs 100 of the same type of material. Another vocation that you can use at a smelter is explosives which range from grenades to cannonballs.

Metalwork Edit

Below are the recipes for what you can do in the metalwork vocation.

Iron Ingot = 3x Iron Ore

Sturdy Ingot = 8x Iron Ingot 1x Copper Ingot 1x Silver ingot 1x Opaque Polish

Sunridge Ingot = 10x Sturdy Ingot 5x Mysterious Garden Powder 1x Rough Polish

Iron Pack = 100x Iron Ingot

Copper Ingot = 3x Copper Ore

Star Shard Ingot = 3x Star Shard Chip

Silver Ingot = 3x Silver Ore

Gold Ingot = 3x Gold Ore

Archeum Ingot = 3x Archeum Ore

Iron Ingot: Mass Production = 30x Iron Ore

Weaponry / Explosives Edit

Below are the recipes for what you can do in the explosives vocation.

100x Siege Ammo = 6x Iron Ingot, 6x Gunpowder , 6x Flaming Log

100x Steel Ammo = 2x Iron Ingot , 4x Gunpowder , 5 Labor

30x Venom Grenade = 2x Jellyfish Poison, 5x Gunpowder , 5x Iron Ingot

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