Labor PointsEdit

Labor points are the backbone of the crafting system in ArcheAge. Every "action" consumes labor points, from cutting down trees, to mining ore, to making cloth, and crafting gear. The amount of labor points consumed depends on the type of action and the level of that action within a category. For example, it takes more labor points to craft a level 40 piece of gear than it does to craft a level 10 piece of gear. Labor points regenerate at the rate of five labor points per five minutes, or in essence one labor point per minute. Unless you happen to be a Patron, if this be the case, labor points regenerate at 10 every 5 minutes while online and 10 labor points per 5 minutes while offline.

Labor Potions Edit

These can be consumed every 12 hours. This increases your labor by 1,000. Labor potions are tradeable and can be bought from the Marketplace.

Skill Tiers/LevelsEdit

Proficiencies reach a new level/tier evf the proficiency reaches the next 10.000 it is capped there until one chooses to unlock that proficiency for the next level/tier. There are currently 12 tiers possible:

Skill Points Skill Tier/Level
0 - 10 000 Novice
10 000 - 20 000 Apprentice
20 000 - 30 000 Journeyman
30 000 - 40 000 Expert
40 000 - 50 000 Master
50 000 - 70 000 Authority
70 000 - 90 000 Champion
? - 180 000 Celebrity
180 000 - 230 000 Famed

A character can only have 5 skills/proficiencies at Apprentice level and higher or more precisely: one can have a maximum of 2 skills at Master level, 1 additional skill at Expert level, 1 additional skill at Journeyman level and 1 additional skill at Apprentice (makes a total of 5 skills at Apprentice level or higher). But this rule can be overcome by an item available in the Marketplace which allows to have more skills at Apprentice level and higher.

Increasing a skill/proficiency causes you to need less Labor Points for the same action and might give you other benefits.

Vocation PointsEdit

Vocation points are like some currency for crafter that can be used with the merchants of the Blue Salt Brotherhood to buy special items.

Basic Resource Gathering/Acquisition ProfessionsEdit


Planting and harvesting vegetables, grains, root crops and other plants in farms or wilderness.


Gathering skill. Salt and freshwater fishing, plus sport fishing for large fish


Collecting herbs and fruits in the wilderness.


Care and feeding of domesticated livestock.


Non-productioasdsn skill. Gained by theft of unprotected crops or livestock from same-faction players AND as of Closed Beta for opening coinpurses from loot.


Maintaining and chopping down trees.


Collecting ore and gems from mining veins

Resource Processing ProfessionsEdit


Potions, gear enhancement stones (Lunastones), reagents for other crafting recipes, dyes.


Wooden weapons, furniture.


Regional Specialty Goods creation or creation of general trade packs for Trade Runs, also gained by successful Auction House sales.


Gained by writing and saving sheet music for the Composition system. Increased skill level allows you to write longer compositions and play compositions without mistakes.


Completing construction steps on structures and ships.


Make food and drinks that provide combat buffs and health/mana regeneration


Instruments, jewelry, fishing tools, miscellaneous home décor.


Leather armor, refining pelts, other leather goods


Vehicles, ships, gliders, and associated small parts.


Hereafter Stones, refining stone


Plate armor, refining ores to ingots.


Paper, music paper, books


Cloth armor, refining fabric.


Creation of metal weapons