Running a farm is a relatively easy (yet expensive) way to make money in the game. Plants, trees and lifestock can be grown and sold on the Auction House, or made trade packs out of to take on trade routes. To run a farm one needs to use at least one of the following four Proficiencies: Farming, Gathering, Husbandry and Logging.

How fast something grows or how well it thrives depends on the Climate of the zone your farm is in as well as the prefered climate of crop or lifestock and if you feed/water it as needed.


Claiming land for a farmEdit

Private Farms are part of the housing system. First the necessary Design must be acquired and placed into the world at locations designated as Housing Zone. Only player with Patron status can place designs for Buildings. After placing the design a construction frame appears and the farm is constructed through the construction proficiency. Farm land can be part of a house or they can be established on  land claimed by a Scarecrow. There is a small (8x8) scarecrow garden and a large (16x16) scarecrow farm structure plan available. Each player character can only own one small and one large scarecrow based farm but one can have up to four character per server and form a Family with them - so after setting the permissions accordingly at the scarecrows these can be combined for a large area to run a farm at.

Besides Land-based farms there are water based Aqua Farms.

Materials Edit

In order to make a farm players need to gather materials to build the farm with; farm can also come with the construction of a house.

Tax Edit

Farm Extension and StationsEdit

There are several structures that can be placed to give a farm extended functionality:

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