Logs are a material found by logging.

Log Crafting material Info box.


  1. Handicrafts
    • Spacious Storage Chest
  2. Machining
    • Strong Wheel
    • High Power Engine
    • Glider Thruster
    • Cart Shaft
  3. Weaponry
    • Siege Ammo
  4. Carpentry
    • Harani Juju Fetish
    • Lumber
    • Archeum Lumber Pack (Special Trade Pack and Construction)
    • Lumber: Mass Production (Provides the 10 Lumber at the same Labor Cost of individually crafting 10 Lumber, but crafts the batch in one session rather than crafting all 10 Lumber individually)
  5. Artistry
    • Liberty Drums
    • Cogwheel Motor

Note: Logs can have a few different versions (such as Thunderstruck and Flaming), however this entry is for the normal Log crafting material.

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