A Drive-able vehicle which carries two trade packs. In addition, you may carry one on your back.

Properties Edit

  • Base speed: 4 m/s
  • With Eco fuel: 6 m/s
  • Maximum Turning speed: 22.9 degrees per second

Notes Edit


If you disconnect while driving the cart the pack on your back is safe. The two packs in the cart will appear on the ground for anyone to pickup. Edit

Pack Ownership

Anyone can put a pack into your cart; only you or a group/raid member may remove a pack from your cart.

Driving Considerations

A farm cart is less maneuverable than you on foot or on Donkey. The cart easily becomes stuck. The cart cannot be despawned while there are packs in it. To free a stuck cart, you need to remove all packs (setting them on the ground for anyone to take). Then despawn the cart and respawn it in a flat terrain area. Then pickup the packs, one at a time, and reload them into the cart. Edit

Build RequirementsEdit


Farm Wagon - carries 4 packs, upgradeable to hauler.  Water sprayer to water plants.  Planned for game availability on 2014-11-04.

Farm Hauler - carries 6 packs.  Water sprayer to water plants.  The hauler goes faster (4 m/s vs 5 m/s, which is 6 m/s vs 7.5 m/s with fuel; a 25% increase).

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