Black pearl

One of the ships a player can own in ArcheAge.

The only way to obtain this ship is to farm specific NPC enemies that have a 0.02% chance to drop a single piece of the blueprint, 55 are needed.

Essentially a faster gallon with reduced HP, the black pearl is nearly as fast as a clipper, nearly as tough as a gallon, stacked with 8 cannons 4x left 4x right. This makes it an ideal ship for catching and sinking trade ships

Visually it is a gallon with some extra decoration, being identical in layout to a gallon.

Ship Properties/EquipmentEdit

  • 10.8m/s speed (14.2 max Forewind/Ecofuel?)
  • 55000 hitpoints


Structure Plan & PlacementEdit

Construction MaterialEdit

(in addition to the previously listed other equipment)

Ship AbilitiesEdit

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