A bee hive (or more precise an Acorn Bee Hive) is a structure as part of the Housing system that allows one to keep Bees and produce Honey and Royal Jelly. A bee hive revolves around the Queen Bee. Running the bee hive uses the proficiency of husbandry,

Starting a Bee HiveEdit

A bee hive is currently without any connection to Climate of the zone it is in and thus can be run in any area. It is crafted through the proficiency of handicraft (contraption, acorn bee hive) from lumber, acornsAspen hardwood and Light Dawn Essence.

It is then placed into the house area and production started by adding a queen bee through the use of a Queen Bee Taming Net (where to find the queens is described at the Queen Bee page). The queen bee must be first brought down to 15% health or lower to attempt capturing her. Trying to capture her when the health is higher can cause her to break free and destroy the taming net.

After placing the queen into the hive she starts producing bees and over the course of 4 days will yield honey and as rare product jelly.

Running a Bee HiveEdit

There are four stages to a bee hive over the course of 4 days. Each stage provides more resources upon harvest but consumes more Labor Points as well.

Before you attempt to harvest a bee hive you should have a supply of Smoke Beads as the bees might become aggressive during the process and then can be calmed down with the beads. These will also be needed if your hive becomes infested.

Bee stings currently have minimal effect so wearing a Beekeepers Veil is not necessary.

Bee Hive Stages
Stage Name Labor Points needed Resources Gained
1 Alluring - -
2 Moist ?? Honey + Chance for Royal Jelly
3 Sweet 200 Honey + Chance for Royal Jelly
4 Prosperous 600 Honey + Chance for Royal Jelly + Chance for option to capture extra Queen Bee

The chance for obtaining Royal Jelly is based on how high the Husbandry skill is. It is in general a very rare ressource.

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