Archeum is a magical essence that is used primarily in the crafting of gear. It can be obtained by either salvaging green or higher gear with the use of an Evenstone or there is a chance that dust can be dropped by opening coinpurses

Tiers of Archeum Edit

Archeum has different tiers of strength, any 5 archeum of the same type can be combined to the next tier however they can never go back. i.e. you can craft archeum motes into archeum dust but not vice-versa. However, you can revert to lower tiers at an Archeum Workstation. Each higher tier will convert down to 4 of the previous tier. Below are the tiers of archeum from least to greatest.

Archeum Tiers
1. Motes
2. Dust
 3. Shards
 4. Crystals
5. Essence

Types of Archeum Edit

Archeum is separated into 3 types

Sunlight Archeum is used mainly in the creation of weapons, instruments and Shields.

Moonlight ArcheumEdit

Moonlight Archeum is used mainly in the creation of armor

Starlight ArcheumEdit

Starlight Archeum is used mainly in the creation of accessories

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