Archery is a skillset relies on keeping distance away and dealing constant damage. Most skills rely on having distance away from the enemy to deal damage; otherwise, the damage is reduced by 20%. This class also uses Deathwish stacks in order to increase damage per second. This class works well with Shadowplay.

Active SkillsEdit

5x0 switchon

Shock Arrow- 

Instant, 525 Base damage, 250% Range Power, 125 Mana, 0-20m Range, 9s Cooldown

Gain skill at Character level 1

Deals physical damage to the target and slows it for 3 seconds. If the caster is closer than 8 meters to the target, it deals less 20% less damage.

Inflict: Slow

'Combo's : Inflicts +23% damage on s'tunned targets.

Slow'ed targets become s'tunned.
5x1 switchon

Bleeding Arrow-

Instant, 263 Base damage, 130% Range power, 102 mana, 0-20m Range, 12s Cooldown

Gain skill at Character level 3

Inflict physical damage to the target. Target bleeds for 14 seconds for physical damage. In Addition, the target receives physical damage in 74-times amount of the accumulated "Deathwish" - stacks. If the caster is closer than 8 meters is on target, spell deals 20% less damage.

5x2 switchon

Ankle Trap-

Instant, 95 Mana, Area of Effect 5m Range, 24s Cooldown

Gain skill at Character level 10

The caster roots enemies within the 5m radius for 7 seconds (In PvP, 50% of the time the duration is 1 second).

Passive SkillsEdit

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