Aqua Farms are part of the Housing system and as such cost weekly a certain amount of Tax certificates to pay for the rent of the land. As the name says they are farms that work under water. Resources gained from a private aqua farm can be obtained from rogue farms in the Wilderness as well but the latter are not protected from pilfering by other players.

Setting up a private Aqua FarmEdit

Private Aqua Farms work very much like Private Farms but are of course water bound. They can be established by placing a Breezy Bungalow Marine House (similar to Thatched Farmhouse on land 24x24 tiles total) or through placing an actual Aquafarm (16x16 total similar to a large Scarecrow on land, this has bubbles rising which can be used for breathing though). Since you pay more Tax certificates the more strucures you place, it is benefitial to have a Bungalow which includes the aqua farm area already while having only one property/structure.

Aqua Farms and the corresponding Buildings and "Furniture" can only be placed in designated areas.

Locations designated for Aqua Farms
Continent Location Details
Nuia Two Crowns shore Aqua Farms only
Solzreed Peninsula Aqua Farm houses
Haranya Villanelle

Villanella Aqua Farms

Aqua Farms
Solis Headlands

Solis Headlands Aqua Housing

Aqua Farm houses

Running an Aqua FarmEdit

Several items can be placed or planted from an Aqua Farm. The Bamboo Trap allows to catch certain sea creatures. It can break and is then repaired with extra Bamboo Stalk. The Sapling Merchant offers Red Coral Polyp, Orange Plate Coral Polyp, Antler Coral Polyp, White Coral Polyp, Green Coral Polyp, Yellow Plate Coral polyp, Blue Coral, Polyp, and Pearl Oyster.

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